Sweet Baby Micah {8 days old} ~ Minneapolis Newborn Photography

I was surprised to hear from this mom a little early about the arrival of her new bundle of joy. It’s always exciting awaiting any of my client’s due dates, because as we all know the baby could come at any time. I know this too well, having to wait 14 days over my due date for my little man; waiting can be no fun. But this little man had plans of his own and wanted to be an August baby. I can’t blame him there either (I’m a little biased to August birthdays).

Back when I met with this mama a few weeks prior, she had expressed interest in the idea of having her baby boy in a basket of fresh vegetables. She loves vegetables and this idea suits her family so well. I loved this idea and immediately began getting inspired: a wire basket, bright colored veggies, soft leafy goods for the baby to lay on, etc. It was so fun putting it together and so cute to see him snooze away on top of a plush garden variety. And even better we were able to capture this in their own backyard garden. We even added a little of dad’s favorite greens to the mix: hops.

I tend to stick to about five images to share in a blog post, but as I completed this beautiful family’s gallery of photographs I couldn’t help myself but mark a little more as my favorites and ones I wanted to share. Just when I thought I was finished with my preview I would come across another “Oh I have to share this one”. The love for their new baby and for each other was just beaming the entire session. I was so honored to be in their presence and have the opportunity to capture this moment in their life. mo newborn photography - 8

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