Summer Mini-Sessions {Minneapolis Photography}

Last weekend was a gorgeous day and ended up being perfect for a mini-session day. After a slight hiccup in location, but a lucky catch the night before we had a last minute location change and everything worked out. The night before my family and I just happen to be in the area of our original planned location only to find they were setting up for a summer festival the next day, oops. My bad for not checking the city calendar ahead of time. Thankfully it was no big deal and we all got to explore a new park as the weather quickly warmed up.

I don’t have any more mini-sessions on my calendar but if you are interested please contact me. I am happy to plan one for the fall if I have enough interests.

family photography h 1

family photography h 4

family photography h 2

family photography h 5

family photography h 3

family photography mini session N 1

family photography mini session N 2

family photography mini session N 3

family photography mini session N 4

six month baby photography 1