Save the Moose Fundraiser at Sweet Retreat

Last summer a friend told me about this quaint little cupcake shop near 50th & France, Sweet Retreat. I instantly fell in love! This is where we purchased my son’s ‘smash cake’ for his first birthday and anytime I need to purchase a cake or cupcake type goodie I turn to Sweet Retreat.

I am a follower on facebook and when they shared a fundraising event I was all ears. Save the Minnesota Moose!?! I have a special love for moose. I am really not sure where this obsession came from. A few summers ago, my husband and I were camping up near the north short (like we usually do) but I wanted to find a moose. I think we may have seen one in a park near Two Harbors, but it was the tail end and I’m not sure if I can officially count that. So we drove and drove back around Ely searching the sides of the road for a moose. No luck. With the birth of my son a year ago, I have purchased many, many cute little outfits with moose on it. I am still waiting for the day when I can see one and photograph it out in the wild. So when I saw the event for Save the Moose you can see where my interest came from.

The moose population is declining in Minnesota, sad but true, but the cause is unknown. The organization: Save the MN Moose was started to research this cause and help to find a solution and get our moose back. Straight from their website:

In 2006, approximately 9,000 moose roamed Northeastearn Minnesota and as of 2013, just over 4,000 remain. Northwestern Minnesota’s moose population has declined from a population of several thousand in the late 1980s to fewer than 100 today. Unfortunately, no precise cause has been identified to explain – and reverse – this trend. Such is the purpose of Save Minnesota Moose: to raise funds that go directly to wildlife biologists within the Department of Natural Resources for research focused on resolving the rapid decline of one of our state’s great treasures.concentrating on preventing further decline and promoting calf production. From supplying highly technical GPS Irridium collars and implant transmitters to moose immobilization drugs, every contribution serves the singular purpose of stabilizing the Minnesota moose population.

So on February 9th I stopped into Sweet Retreat to help support this organization and I couldn’t help but take some photos. They even had a moose mascot greeting customers at the door.

$1 of every cupcake purchased went towards the Save the Moose organization and they were also selling Moose Journals that I couldn’t pass up. Besides 100% of journal sales went toward the cause. Here are a few fun pics from the day.




And our chosen cupcakes, yum yum! Monkey Business – (chocolate banana for my son), Doodle – (chocolate for the hubby), and Coo Coo for Coconut for me!