Time for an Upgrade

Having a webpage is hard. Figuring out how you want things, doubting yourself, wanting to do it all yourself in the hopes of getting things just  right. After some thought I was really not liking how slow my old webpage was loading and I just wanted something new and upbeat. So I decided to dive into the elaborate world of word-press. I have minimal experience with word-press  but after some video tutorials and much exploring I am starting to get the hang of it. And it was so easy to transfer my old posts from blogger right into word-press with little hassle.

I got out of the habit of blogging in the past couple of years and decided I needed to get back into it. It’s a great way to share new and recent work. And I think it’s funner for clients to be able to look through real sessions verses a portfolio slideshow. I also hope launching my new website helps me to rekindle the blog posts.

So kick back, take a look around, and please let me know what you think. I am still working on getting all the kinks out but that could also be an ongoing process.