I wanted to share a Photoshop tutorial that I came across the other day. I follow many blogs, and the majority of them being photography blogs. One blog I follow, iHeartFaces, had a post the other day on: How to Achieve a Dramatic Look in Photoshop. So today when Isaac was looking out the window at all the snow we got (and are still getting). I decided to snap a few photos and see what I could do with them. Hop on over to that tutorial to see how I achieved a dramatic look on these photos. I pretty much followed her tutorial to a T, although I omitted the over and under exposure of the windows/shadows since my windows were already overexposed enough and my shadows weren’t in an appropriate area to darken exposure. Isaac would have looked out of place if I attempted to darken the background/shadows.

isaac window BW-1

isaac window BW-2