Baby Keira – Minneapolis Newborn Photography

Life has been so busy that my photography business has taken a back burner. But every time I get back into it my passion ignites and I just love being able to capture these sweet moments for families. This mama connected with me last summer and it was a matter of waiting on sweet baby’s arrival. She came a little bit early but we were ready. Mom had a vision and inspiration to capture baby with some of their deer antlers. I love being able to incorporate personal belongings in our photographs. I was a little curious about this idea, but once we got it all set up I think it turned out amazing! So glad the mom shared her wishes and we were able to make them happen. Big sister was also such a trooper throughout the whole session. It’s not easy when your world gets flipped upside down when you go from being an only child to big sibling. The focus gets shifted to this new little being that requires so much time, effort, and attention. I can remember when my kiddos came running into the room after our fourth baby was born and I asked my husband in a rather annoyed tone “WHY are they acting like that!?!” His gentle response was “They’ve always been doing that it’s just bothering you now because you are focused on the baby” And ain’t that the truth. As mama’s we get pulled in so many different directions and the more kiddos you have the more directions you get pulled. But this couple’s sweet little Ellie was rolling with the punches of being asked to wait or stop or having to come second to the new precious little one. I think it’s good for siblings to learn about life outside of the spotlight. As we’ve all heard: The best gift we can give a child is a sibling. These girls are going to have so much fun together in the future!