Baby Ezra ~ Elk River Newborn Photographer

I love Newborn sessions, I think they rank at the top of my list of favorites! It’s so amazing to see new parents and my appreciation has just increased since having a little one of my own. These parents were so awestruck with their new little one, or maybe it was the lack of sleep, either way they were beaming with joy and so proud of what they brought into the world.

Little Ezra was an amazing little model to work with, he slept so peaceful and let me move and turn him any which way. Dad is a tennis player and coach and had a tiny tennis racket all ready for Ezra to grow into. I love when families have their own meaningful props, it gives me new material to work  with and allows me to have some creative fun. Here are a few from our session:


Ezra FB-8

Ezra FB-7

Ezra FB-6


Ezra FB-5

Ezra FB-4

Ezra FB-3

Ezra FB-2

Ezra FB-1