Baby Brock {8 days old} Plymouth Newborn Photography

I am so honored, for a second time, to have taken this sweet family’s newborn photos. I first photographed their precious daughter just two short years ago: Baby Maris. It is crazy how similar these siblings look(ed) as newborns. Mom even had her newborn photo nearby and they were almost identical. Brock definitely takes after his big sister. I remember Maris’ session, she had her eye on me the whole time and mom and I worked hard to get her to sleep. Brock was a little different, once he was warm he was out! He did not like being naked, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from his photos. He was so good throughout his whole session and so patient as we attempted to get him close to big sis!

Big sister also did really well. For being two years old she cooperated so well. Although we had a few more photos in mind than she was willing to give, I have to hand it to her she did put up with us for quite a while. I am going ahead and posting some photos from our session last week, but I will share with you that there are more to come. I was missing a family photo and wanted to try again at the sibling attempts so we held a ‘take 2’ session today. I’m excited to get to those photos because Maris was prepared for what to expect and played along like a champ!

We got some wonderful photos the first time around so I don’t want to put those in the shadow; here is sweet baby Brock.

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