Baby Brock {14 days old} Plymouth Newborn Photographer

Enter part two of baby Brock’s newborn photography session. Like I mentioned in my previous post, he was the perfect newborn model during his initial session, but our one attempt at a family photo did not turn out and big sister was really pushed to the limit on being involved. So instead of just cutting it short and ending there I wanted to offer this family another ‘shot’ to get a few more photos and fulfill our vision. I want my clients to be happy and get their money’s worth, so I try and take good care of them. If that means coming back for round two, I’m all willing to do what it takes. When working with children, this is likely to happen. This was not my first session where we needed to come back and try again.

Big sister was ready to go from the start on this morning. It’s like she had done this before or something. We tried a few different tricks and games, which made her even more excited to participate. I’m really glad we put in the time to get a few more photos because they turned out great! Here are just a few of my favorites!